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I am grateful you have chosen to visit Tree of Life Solutions Kingdom Community. 

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Seasonally Transform your Life or Business to Become a Tree of Life Solutions Certified Coach 
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Since starting TOL Solutions Fitness Ministry Wordoverbody, I have developed a better relationship with God and myself!! My spirit was weary and at times it felt broken but the presence of God, the support, real love and challenges that transcends throughout the Word Over Body (WOB) group is helping me to understand and fulfill God's purpose in me. "Thank you Warrior Thunder and my fellow warriors for this platform and prayers!!" Love Warrior Star*

A. Stewart 

With our Virtually Kingdom Community, both desktop and digital spaces app, you'll have direct access to private groups and online programs that provide the training blueprint to intentional transformation by daily accountability through the word of God for life and businesses. Your seasonal subscription will allow you to bring your talents, time & testimonials to fertile ground.  Whereas an Executive plans & pricing or higher (Seed, Leaf or Branch plans) you will be provided a login profile with URL

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  • 1 Month Groups Entry & Showcased

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  • Access Shared Gallery

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  • WOB Life Coaching

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All seasonal plans & pricing starting at half price rates entering as an Executive ($45) includes WOB Life coaching only. To move further into business consulting and Tree of Life Solutions seasonal plans & pricing with a monthly financial commitment of Seed ($250), Leaf ($500) & Branch ($750) you will be positioned based on your need for growth.


I would like to extend you an invitation to the Tree of Life Solutions Lifestyle by taking the "You're on your way up entry assessment"

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Unsure where to start? Click below to access TOL Solutions Entry Assessment to provide an idea which Pricing Plan will fit your life & business. 

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