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I am so thankful to share my passion with you all!

Tree of Life Solutions LLC

Background Story

Tree of Life Solutions LLC. Kingdom Business founded on September 28, 2017. On the core foundations of Jeremiah 17:7 and Psalms 1:3.

During a long walk with a fellow sister in the Lord, a simple question was asked which the Holy Spirit was gracious to answer. We had been discussing our lives before Christ, and she asked, “How can I stop doing things in my life that God hates? ’’ By then we had come near a stream of water, with rocks and stones. Then and there the Holy Spirit slowly began to dissect the answer to the question asked.

It was brought into clear sight of where the stream of water would’ve been had it been in high tide. Walking towards the rocks and stones, with water sloshing over them, we began flipping them over, we saw smooth edges clean from filth. They sparkled beautifully like diamonds in the sunlight, as we flipped them over.

To fully answer her question I walked slowly to the rocks that hadn’t come in contact with the water. I was led to look closer, and they were unclean, rough and dry. We began again to flip them over, and we saw dry ground and hard places. One small rock in particular startled us, as a red and black snake was curled up underneath there. The Holy Spirit began to speak again, Jesus is the living water, and he said, “Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him, will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life”. The scenery and spoken words solidified the answer that was sought. Believing the words of the Lord and building a relationship with him, will smooth rough edges and cause filth to be washed away.

You may wonder how this ties in with the business, well that discussion is what brought forth the revelation that birthed Tree of Life Solutions LLC. He revealed instructions to combine our different businesses. It was obeyed and followed. With every aspect of our lives we are to place our trust and hope in him, obeying his words. It may be long and hard, but he will plant us by the river to spring roots and be fruitful. We want to touch lives, for his kingdom, standing firmly on his words and his words are the foundation.

Welcome to Tree of Life Solutions LLC. Kingdom Business founded on September 28, 2017.

On the core foundations of Jeremiah 17:7 and Psalms 1:3.

I am Jonetta *Neenee* Robinson owner / founder of Tree of Life Solutions LLC. With over

25 years of experience in public administration and over 10 years in business administration.

Graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree on a public administration track (2005), where

I’ve held the office of Vice President of the Political Science Association. Also, with a

Master’s Degree in Business Administration. With that I successfully overcame poverty,

abuse and teen pregnancy through receiving a vision from II Kings 4:1-7.

As a woman of God, running multiple businesses, wanting to incorporate a healthier lifestyle

and have a safe place to fellowship and grow in God. Word Over Body Ministry was a great



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Jonetta *Neenee* Robinson, CEO

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